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The Salisha Show

Host of Black Hair in the Big Leagues, Salisha Thomas is coming to you with the much anticipated, the incomparable, the senSATIONal: THE SALISHA SHOW!! We are talking Great Conversations with Great People. Allow for Positive vibes, fun, and endless love to flow from The Salisha Show into your home, your car, or wherever you listen to podcasts. Salisha sits down with people from all walks of life, from every color, shape, size, gender to talk about topics that matter and topics you didn’t know mattered. “My whole life, strangers have always come up to me to tell me their story. Now I’ve created a platform to capture the insight and stories from remarkable humans who have something to say.”


Produced by Josh Cary and a part of the Broadway Podcast Network, this podcast is available everywhere you listen to podcasts, as well as with video on Facebook and YouTube. Want to be a part of the Salisha Show community? Become a member on Patreon for as little as $1 a month to access perks such as watching content before anyone else, getting behind the scenes footage, or even getting a shoutout in the show and a handwritten note from the host, Salisha Thomas! Whether you have on The Salisha Show as background noise while you’re cleaning, or you’ve got it cranked up on your commute, you’ll finish each episode feeling inspired and motivated to make the most of your day and waste not even a second of the rest of your life! Sit back, relax, or grab a pen and paper and enjoy… THE SALISHA SHOW!















Black Hair in the Big Leagues




Throughout Black Hair in the Big Leagues, host Salisha Thomas sits down with badass black women on Broadway and talks about all things hair. We are sharing secrets, swapping ideas, and talking about our individual experiences backstage, onstage and beyond. But that’s not all; there are women (and men!) who can speak on this topic in other industries as well and open the conversation about what it means to show up to work being black and “put together.”

After every episode, you’ll have new ideas for your own tresses and leave feeling inspired and empowered no matter what color you are to stop fighting what makes you unique, to live your best life and to embrace yourself exactly the way you are.

Part of the Broadway Podcast Network.


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