Welcome Friends!

Listen folks, I miss Broadway real bad. I am so ready for this pandemic to be in the past. But until then, here we are. I was in rehearsals for The Britney Spears musical: Once Upon a One More Time in March of 2020, just 11 days on our feet until the world shut down. During this time away from the industry, I have experienced more life and growth in a matter of months than in my entire life combined. It has forced me to be creative and use my brain in ways I've been too LAZY to stretch in the past. I've been teaching Masterclasses for Musical Theater students up the wahzoo (Want to book a sesh? Shoot me a note.) I finally finished that book I'd been writing over the last few years. I'd been twittling my thumbs about possibly starting a podcast and lo and behold, it now exists. It's called Black Hair in the Big Leagues and over the course of about 2 months, I interviewed over 50 Black Broadway performers on the topic of hair. In the process, I am telling black stories and amplifying black voices in a time where it's never been more needed. Shoutout to the Broadway Podcast Network for picking it up and helping me spread the word. It's my pride and joy and gives me that sense of community that's been lacking since there's no dressing room to retreat to 8 times a week at the moment. 

I feel hope you guys. I have been cautiously optimistic about 2021. I know it wasn't even a whole week into the New Year before a group of people tried to overthrow the Government, but Democracy prevails. I will continue to love my neighbor...even when things aren't fair. Even when we think differently. I will continue to pray for the healing of our Nation. I will begin to stop eating cookies and ice cream every night in hopes that I won't be the size of a house upon Broadway's reopening. 

We are in this together you all. It's like being on a New York City subway: The homeless person sits next to the Wall Street guy. But when there are train delays, everybody's in the same boat. It doesn't how much money you have or what color your skin is. Everyone's equal. 

I am excited because I've been working on a Natural Hair Masterclass for women in Theatre. It's coming soon. Take a look around. Listen to my podcast. Become a Patreon. Subscribe to my blog. And if you'd like to collaborate in any way, shoot me a note. I look forward to hearing from you.

PS. I was born and raised in California. I graduated from CSU, Fullerton and worked at Disneyland. I became Miss California. I'm a New Yorker now. But during the pandemic, I've been splitting my time pretty equally between coasts.  As soon as there's the faintest of whiffs of Broadway's return, you can be sure, that I will spending my time (full-time) in the Empire City. XO, Salish

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