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Let me start by saying that I have some amazing friends who are kind, fun, selfless, down to earth, relaxed, and just straight up GOOD VIBES. And of all the gems of the earth I have surrounding me, there’s one who’s been my best friend since we were four years old. I cannot BELIEVE she has put up with me for literal decades. Let me be clear: I am not worthy. I do not deserve her.

So when I asked her to be my Maid of Honor for my wedding to Andrew, she was ON IT. She reminded me of how many weddings she’s been in (she has a LOT of friends) and this is the first time she’s gotten to be the Maid of Honor and that she wanted to do a good job. It was the way she called me with a LIST of questions and concerns she had about what I wanted. She whipped me into shape VERY quickly and got my butt in to gear to figure certain things out (like Bridesmaids dresses!!) sooner than later since I had only 8 months to plan the wedding of my dreams. *I know. I did that to myself.*

In addition to being her regular best friend self, she has been a major support and confidant for me through this entire process. But I have to say, the way she tackled my Bachelorette Party weekend takes THE FREAKING CAKE. Get a notepad and pen out and take some notes because she killed it. Whether you’re a future maid of honor OR even a best man who wants to step their game up, this will be a great place to start for ideas of how to make this special time completely awesome.

I decided for my Bachelorette party, I’d like to do a full weekend of activities in my hometown. I’m a lowkey-fun-kind of girl. We began with a lingerie shower that led into a Bachelorette Slumber party followed by a day at the Wineries. I expected to get to the Lingerie shower early and help set up. I said, ‘Okay girl. What’s the best way I can help?’ Her response made my whole heart smile. She said: Stay out of the way.

*cue the angels singing praises from on High*


She got there three hours early and made a full blown balloon arch by hand! Not to mention, she also stopped by Party City to get more balloons! She also had a special sign made to welcome guests as they arrived to the front door, letting them know they had arrived at their destination.


There was plenty of food provided for by my sweet mom and the most generous host. And after we ate, Vanessa (my Maid of Honor) had games planned and ready to go on deck with prizes pre-wrapped for the winners of each game. Some of the games required Andrew to answer questions ahead of time which she had all ready to go! When it was time for me to open presents, she sat right next to me and wrote down the names of the people who gave and what they gifted me so that I could write a proper thank you note at a later time. Sidebar: Some of those presents had me blushing so hard and I’m so glad I decided to have a Lingerie Shower! It was my mom’s idea to have a Lingerie shower. She said it would be way easier to fit the gifts in my suitcase back to New York…instead of like five toasters, haha. She was right! And with each opened gift, all of us were hooting, hollering, and laughing! There was so much joy that we almost blew the roof of the building!


After the Shower, Vanessa went full blown Sorority President on me. She FULLY STOCKED the kitchen with water, snacks, wine, champagne. She set up decorations and had little gifts for each person all set out and ready to go! Each girl got a personalized “water” bottle with their name on it in sparkly letters, a fluffy eye mask, as well as a Bachelorette Survival Kit packed with Advil, chapstick, Liquid IVs, EmergenC, and hand sanitizer. She hand cut funfetti cupcakes into the shape of dicks WITH the balls attached. And frosted them! I personally loved the banners throughout the living room that said “Future Mrs. Weiss” and “From Miss to Mrs.” She also had pool floaties in the shape of a diamond ring, which was a nice touch. Everyone helped set up and it was fast and easy, partly because she came over the night before to do as much organizing as possible.


Vanessa made dinner reservations at my favorite restaurant in town. She knows….she knows I’m a basic bitch sometimes and that I don’t care who knows it. I had my birthday party at the same restaurant when I was 13 years old and I still love it. I am not ashamed. At one point in the night, I had four full drinks sitting in front of me and I was already feeling it. She helped me drink my cocktails and gave the remaining drinks to the girls who needed them the most. (SO thoughtful!) What I love about my friends is that all of them wanted me to be happy. They didn’t care if we hit the town or if we went back to the house to have a slumber party and just play games. Vanessa had a list of places we could go out to if I wanted to hit the town with unofficial reservations on deck. (We also collected a few more ideas during dinner.) The girls were ready for anything but down to keep it chill. And when I said: ‘Y’all, let’s go home.’ THEY DIDN’T JUDGE ME. I’m not sure I’ve ever felt so free to really do what I wanted. It felt AMAZING.

We went home. And let’s just say—there was never a dull moment…


We finally konked out in the wee hours of the morning and STILL, Vanessa got up early and made breakfast for the ENTIRE GROUP. She also designed a Mimosa bar. She had champagne on ice with three pitchers to choose from: One was cranberry juice, another was Passion fruit, and of course there was classic orange juice. And by the time we were all ready to go, there was a limo bus waiting for us in the front yard.


She ran out there and fully stocked the limo with plenty of snacks and beverages, and when we all loaded up, we were on our way to the winery!! When we arrived, the owners were expecting us and gave us THE CLASSIEST experience. We took photos and drank to our hearts content. Bonding with the girls was one of my favorite things of the weekend. Talking about ALL the things that would make your mother blush and just having a great time being carefree!


We hit up another winery, took plenty of pictures, laughed til we cried, shared secrets and tips. I asked LOTS of questions and took so many notes. And before the weekend was over, Vanessa encouraged everyone to help take the decorations down and help clean up so that I wouldn’t have to do it alone when everyone was gone. We ended the day with barbecue that my dad made and we went for a swim!

I’m grateful that everyone had fun! That everyone got along. That we had great conversations. That I had my jaw on the floor more than a couple of times. I’m grateful and of course I noticed that the girls didn’t let my wallet come out NOT EVEN ONCE. My friends collectively made this weekend a dream bachelorette experience for me and that I’ll have memories for a LIFETIME. I’m appreciative of my mom for her contributions and also my dad for dropping off some bomb food and playing the role of “uber driver.” I’m grateful to the lady who opened up her home and welcomed us in for the lingerie shower. (Funny how it seems like just yesterday we were doing Bible Study there. And now I’m holding up g-strings for all to see haha). And I’m forever in awe and gratitude of my one and only Maid of Honor: Vanessa. For collecting all the RSVPs and following up with everyone and providing updates. For giving me the most hilarious thong with Andrew’s face all over it. For thinking about every single detail of the weekend and KNOWING inherently what makes me happy and excited. For going ABOVE AND BEYOND by going on an 8 hour turnaround roadtrip with me the DAY BEFORE the weekend festivities when I needed to go to Los Angeles for 3 hours. Yes. You read that right. MVP. I am truly not worthy of this gift of a human that God has blessed me with. And all of my friends. I felt so loved. And cherished. And I feel so much more confident going into the wedding of my dreams (to the man of my dreams) with the best girl squad a girl could ever ask for!

It’s true that the people around you can make or break an experience at times. And so when you’re surrounded by pure love; when you’re surrounded by those that truly have your best interest at heart and have joy when you’re joyful, celebrate when you celebrate, rejoice when you rejoice, there are few things better than that. Don’t take those people for granted. Be present with them.

Cheers to crunch-time. The countdown for A Weiss Wedding is on! Just two months and some change until we tie the knot! Keep your eyes peeled for live stream details!

It will be a nice day for a Weiss Wedding!



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