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The Story Behind the Photo

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Do you remember that photo I posted like 10 seconds ago of that beautiful black man almost kissing me? If you don’t, well here it is:

Let’s go ahead and call him Danny. Mmmmmm! Y’all Danny could get it. This sexy, chocolate man is so yummy. And he’s a cop. But like, one of the good ones. In fact, we met uptown because he was protecting me. It was very dramatic. But also very romantic. (I wasn’t exactly a damsel in distress but he ‘saved’ me anyway.)

Well. We broke up.

Seriously, it was shorter than a relationship I had in kindergarten. It seems like as soon as I put a label on something, it disintegrates in mere moments. (So that will probably be going out of style sooner than later in my household.) Regardless, Danny and I are still friends and I still think the world of him.

So what’s the deal with this picture? Well honestly, I wanted to post it while we were together. But I ran out of time! So now it’s our ‘breakup photo.’

(We talked about it together. It’s cool.)

Here’s the interesting part. I’ve lowkey been playing around with the law of attraction lately and this was a total accidental experiment. OKAY. SO. Have you ever gotten into a relationship and ALL of a sudden hella men be comin out the woodwork, and you’re like, ‘Where were you when I was single?! (Everyone wants what they can’t have. I know I do. Am I alone in this?!) Turns out, posting a photo of you with someone even though you just broke up has the SAME EFFECT. Except there’s one little difference... (whispers) You’re single AF.

So when that cutie on the train you’ve noticed for months finally asks you out, you can give a guilt- free…


Is this what it feels like to be a man? I feel so free. And unapologetic. Like I can live life on my terms. As for me and Danny, I will only think of him fondly. Definitely going to miss his hand on my budonka-donk, but I think I’ll be okay.

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