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How Cheslie Kryst Affected My Life

It took me a little while to process what happened the other day with Cheslie. I still can’t really make sense of it. I know she touched a lot of lives. She definitely touched mine. What a beautiful soul. I wrote a little something in honor of her. #ForCheslie.

There once lived a girl who was Goals. Sheer perfection.

Her body. Nails. Hair. Complexion.

Not a flaw on the girl. AND she was kind.

Give her any type of stage. She ALWAYS shined.

Lawyer, athlete, Belle of the Ball.

TV host and model. She really did it all.

I gave her an invite to come on my show.

It was a blind request. I knew she’d say no.

But to my surprise she responded right away.

That she’d ‘love to come on. Just pick a day!’

Did that really just happen?!

Am I feeling okay?

I THINK I just booked MISS USA!!!

She was so down to Earth and exceedingly kind.

I couldn’t find my words. She was blowing my mind.

I’m sure I sounded dumb but I really didn’t care.

She answered all my questions that I had about hair!

My Black Hair Podcast just kicked it up a notch!

I met my inspiration, Cheslie Kryst, and we talked!

One takeaway that I got from her to me:

She didn’t want to be an ANOMALY.

To see as much Natural Hair on a National stage.

Embrace all our texture.

Usher in a new age.

It takes more than one to change the Perspective.

If we all join in, it shifts the Collective.

I’m glad I could tell her what she meant to me.

Her legacy lives on.

Enshrined in history.

An Icon in my eyes.

Limitless passed the moon.

Cheslie’s exit left a hole.

She was gone too soon.

If you’re feeling so alone and at your wit's end,

Do not stay silent. Do not give in.

Your life is too important for you to run and hide.

You’re needed here on Earth, don’t give in to suicide.

It’s okay to take breaks.

Take a trip. Turn off the phone.

But please at least tell a friend.

Don’t go it alone.

She was my Kobe.

Queen Cheslie Kryst.

An inspiration to many.

She is so deeply missed.




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