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What Happens When You Stumble Upon Your Superpowers

I somehow managed my way into the shortest, fastest don’t even get out of your car COVID vaccine line. I’ve gotten my first dose of Moderna and I seem to still be alive… So now what? I’m quietly thinking…so like…am I…good? Can I stop worrying now (while still of course being considerate of others, social distancing, masking up, etc.)? My best friend just got the vaccine too and when I went over her house last night still dawning my mask, she said in a very hushed tone (like she was possibly saying something bad): I think you can take your mask off.

And I thought…Huh. That’s interesting. I suppose I can. So I did. *waiting for the world to end…world is not ending* huh.

And for the first time in about a year—it felt supremely normal to hang out with someone I love not in my immediate family.

The same day, Playbill announced a slow, safe reopening plan involving Popups in the Broadway theaters. UM YES. Okay. That’s great. Also on that same day, I get an email saying that Queen Audra McDonald would like to come on my podcast.

Yes. I am freaking out.

And suddenly, my emails are out of control. People from all over the country wanting to collaborate. There are so many that I have found myself scrolling through old emails just to make sure none fell through the cracks. Even then, there may be one or two that I’ve forgotten to respond to, and I wish I could tell them: Please bug me. If I don’t respond, it’s USUALLY not personal. I just got distracted by a MILLION other things. I am learning first hand the importance of staying fresh in people’s minds because in an effort to not be pushy when I’m inquiring of others, if I happen to pop up on their feed, that’s when I usually hear back. Like, they probably just FORGOT I asked them about something. Because that’s how I am! (I mean, yea they could totally hate my guts too, haha.) Ah. Yeah. This is making sense now. I like being private but there is a hidden beauty in having an online presence. I have found that when I lean in, it totally enhances my day. And one experience leads to the next and to the next and before you know it, all of a sudden “collabing” is normal. HUH.

I realize I love February. I love it because it holds Valentine’s Day AND my birthday. And those two things make me want to be extra feminine and wear pink and put lip gloss on and do my hair. And that feels GOOD to me. It feels good to “try.” A day where I feel Pretty is usually a good day. So like, why don’t I do that all year round? Why do I only actively do that for one month? And the shortest month at that!? What happens if I lean in to my femininity for all 12 months? That might be nice. The last time I did that very actively was in 2013 when I was Miss Fullerton. And it turned out that year was a GOLDEN year. I am curious if these things are related or if it’s all in my head. (I don’t think it’s in my head). I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the year I softened and got fully dressed and ACTED like a Title holder was when I FINALLY got hired by Disney as a vocalist. Was when I decided to graduate college early. Was when I was offered a role where they lowered the key SIX half-steps for me AND gave me my equity card. Was the year I fell in love. Was the year I moved to New York City… When you feel good…When I feel good it’s like, everything else aligns and falls in place.

I am ready to step into a higher vibration and lean in to whatever this world has to offer me. I just got an email from a Black girl who is putting together something incredible. It’s really awesome. The only obstacle is that…I’ve been working on the same idea and concept. And she wants me to help her with hers…I’ve thought about it. What does this mean? Can two people go forward with the almost exact same idea? Can we help one another and the world not end? OR…Is it possible that God put her in my path so that we can combine our energies and conquer this monster together? I’m not sure yet.

But I’m open.

I won’t be discouraged and stop progress because someone else is working on it. I believe in abundance. I believe there’s room for all of us. I don’t know the logistics. I just know this idea that I have to get out of my own head and into the world. And because we are all uniquely and wonderfully made, even if two people have the same idea, it’s going to look COMPLETELY different because there is only ONE of each of us. No one can be ME better than Me. Just like no one can be Oprah better than Oprah!

For the first time in my life, I have so many ideas. I. HAVE. SO. MANY. IDEAS. Usually, I have all these big goals and I’m just waiting for an idea to hit me. Right now, I have an overflow of great ideas and I’m trying to figure out how to get them all out of my head and do something with each of them.

Before this pandemic, my sole focus was Broadway. Get on Broadway. Stay on Broadway. That’s all great. Until Broadway stopped existing.

During Beautiful, I had no interest in Voiceovers, commercials, or modeling. And now, there’s ROOM for all the above. I suddenly went from: What’s a podcast and who cares? To ‘Hello I’m Salisha Thomas and I have TWO podcasts.’ I went from being rejected by a Voiceover agent who I’d been courting for a year *rolling my eyes* to freelancing. Now I do voiceover work for Google. I have outlined a structure for various classes I’d like to teach and wondering if anyone would like to take them. I am guessing that the next step in that journey is getting over myself and telling the world how and when to sign up. (I’m not there yet, haha. I’m working on it.)

I’m trying to make sense of time. I am realizing that if I wake up without a plan, the day feels pretty aimless. I can still read and work out and enjoy the day. But if I make what I like to call an Impossible List the day before, the day magically stretches into whatever I need it to be. It’s AMAZING. I just have to know what it is I want to accomplish. That might sound basic, but it’s MIND BLOWING to me. I can get EVERYTHING I need to get done in 24 hours as long as I know what it is I want to get to done.


Setting goals with a time limit and matching that with intention equals being a lowkey superhero. EVERYTIME I do this, I ask myself, WHY DON’T I DO THIS ALL THE TIME. I do it like ONCE a month. What could be accomplished if I approached every single day like this?

Huh. I remember being on tour with Beautiful and thinking, let me read this book very slowly so that I have something to do tomorrow.

Dumb. I have ALWAYS paced myself when accomplishing things. WHY. FOR WHAT. Who on Earth is benefitting by me going slow and crossing things off my list at a snail’s pace? NOBODY. Okay, I think it’s time to lean in to that. And I hope in the process, I can energetically align with the new vibration waiting for me. Thanks for letting me work that out right here.

What are your hidden superpowers? What have you been trying to squash in your own life? Where have you been playing small? And why? Does it serve you or anyone around you? I hope the world reopens soon. And when it does, I want to light it on fire. And the best part is…

Theres enough matches for all of us.


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