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So I Wrote a Tell All....

Just kidding. I wouldn’t do that to my colleagues and friends (or even the haters to be quite honest). But I WOULD write all of MY favorite stories down and change as many names as possible. Yesterday was a momentous day. I have been working on a

book for the last few years. And y’all know I’ve never written a book before. So it has been so easy to tell myself, ‘Girl are you done wasting time? This is not what you do.’ BUT I really love to write! (Sometimes, I enjoy it even more than being on stage.) I’ve always journaled my whole life. I used to write a LOT of poetry. And I’ve finally started a blog, although I write more posts than I actually share. At some point last year when I got back to New York after being in San Diego for three months, I decided it was time; time to print everything I had so far. I spent hours upon hours in Staples printing over 800 pages, opening up each two, three, or four page document one. at. a. time. I was a disaster at the end of the day.

I read through all those hundreds of pages and dumped 70% percent of it. Then I got rid of even more. Then I decided I couldn’t use any of it and started from scratch. Then I realized I had written certain things twice. Somethings three times. Well folks, after coming up with an embarrassing First Draft, I am so so proud to say that I officially have a less-embarrassing Second Draft.

I’m not sure if I’ll have the courage to share it when it’s complete. But it exists. And I’ve got 60,000 words (so far) of jaw dropping, what the heck moments and stories (with a love story woven within there somewhere)… One thing is for sure: If it ever goes to publication, there will be a launch party. And I’m going to wear a gown. Thank you and good night. 



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