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So I Started Working with this Trainer...

Friday, May 31, 2019

I’m the kind of person that likes to enjoy life but also put things off until… kind of the last minute. That’s not the case for all things but definitely a lot of things. (Things I really care about always take precedence and get done right away.) But I have discovered a pretty efficient system for procrastination. In college, I would get an assignment for some class about rocks or something I didn’t care about, and if it was due a week later, I would designate a time really close to the due date for me to write the paper and complete the assignment. (It usually ended up being the day it was due at 4AM. It was so down to the wire that I truly had no time for social media distractions AND all my friends were asleep anyway.) It would get done, and I didn’t burden myself every single day with, “Oh man. I should do that today.”

Well, I recently pulled the same move with my summer body. I pretty much try and do that every year, but it doesn’t actually work. I’m like, “Yeah yeah I will stop eating pizza next week. Uh huh...” Then Next Week will come and I will only be craving dollar pizza the whole freaking week! It’s a mess. I’m a mess. But for WHATEVER reason, this year, I decided, I’m going to get it together. And I reached out to a trainer that has worked with a couple of my friends (who look fantastic by the way), and when I tried to ghost him (the trainer), he would text me and bug the crap out of me! SO FINALLY, I bit the bullet, sent him some money and prepared my mind for whatever program he was about to hand me.

Program received. I looked it over. And I was like, “No. Nope…*looking at what he’s asking and aggressively disagreeing* Naw…nooooo…NO... Oh I can maybe do that. What is that? Hmmmm… I’ll skip that part. And Oh, I like that!” And then I realized that one of my friends and mentors told me once that “anything will work IF you use it.” And in that moment I thought to myself, what if I stop disagreeing to the parts that I don’t think will work or to the new things that I don’t know anything about and clearly have a resistance to trying, and just DO IT. I already paid for the first month. If nothing changes that I can easily go back to how I’m used to living. Also, he’s asking me to make A LOT of changes, that if I did even just half of what he’s asking… I’m probably going to see some improvements.

This last Christmas, I ate my weight in bread. When I was in Texas and Arkansas for vacation with family for a week, I ate so much food, I’m surprised I can see my feet. My every day diet usually consists of a combination of pizza, fried chicken tenders and fries, a milkshake, a burger, lots and lots of bread, pasta, et cetera. I especially love my boxed mac n cheese, my late night Papa Johns, and a glass of wine if someone worked my nerves that day. No fruits. Absolutely no veggies in SIGHT y’all. Not to mention I'd grab a Starbucks the second the temperature dropped below 70 or there were grey clouds in the sky. The only reason I’m not as big as a house is because I have SO much freaking energy and New York provides a built in cardio plan for just living here.

CUT TO me following my new meal plan consisting of…drum roll please, NOT PROCESSED FOODS. You guys, I have been eating real food full of nutrients and goodness. It’s been less than 2 weeks and I’m actually craving veggies. WHAT? WHO AM I? I don’t even recognize myself anymore. It takes a lot of planning ahead which is the hardest part in my opinion. But I feel like I’m allowed to eat more than usual because I’m not eating junk. And I’m also not drinking my calories.

CUT TO me having a plan when I get to the gym. It’s not hard, but it is a good sweat. It’s just a matter of me carving out 45 minutes to an hour a few times a week.

I feel so excited! I feel GOOD. My taste buds are changing. My knees aren’t giving me the problems they usually do. There were things that were wrong with me that I didn’t even clock because it was what I considered normal. Well now that I feel better, I realize what I was feeling before was NOT GOOD.

Less than two weeks of eating whole foods and not drinking my calories.

When he asked me what my goals were, I told him I want to look like a hot mama. This summer, I want to put on a bikini and feel invincible. This guy who I’ve had this stupid crush on, I want HIM to notice me. I figured it would take me a few months but… this man has changed me in 12 days. More than just my body slimming down and toning up, I’m eating healthier and it’s having a positive impact on my mood and outlook. And I have even more energy (if that was even possible). And of course, there’s a little confidence boost in there too. But don’t worry, I’m still the same over the top, awkward girl who loves life, so I won’t let it go to my head. Haha

Shout out to my trainer, Jacob Burton. You’re the bomb.



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