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Choosing Joy and Honoring Your Soul

Friday, April 19, 2019

I meditated today. I never really do that. I like to pray and sit in silence. I love writing down bullet lists of everything I’m grateful for. I love saying Thank You out loud to the best God in the whole wide world. Well, today I tried something new and that was sitting down to listen to a youtube recording of Sarah Blondlin talking about being One with the Universe. Sidebar: I never mind when others talk about “The Universe” or “The Devine.” I believe that we as humans have put up walls that divide us all and sometimes those walls and divides make us feel superior over others because ‘we are right and they are wrong.’ I’m talking about religion. But do you know what I think? I think… God’s getting the glory from all of us. I think we are all talking about the same Being and calling Him/Her all different names. But at the end of the day, God is being glorified. Anyway… that’s just one take.

As I was saying. During the meditation today, Sarah was talking about listening to the whispers of our soul. That when we listen to what our soul truly wants and when we say YES and feed that whisper, we are honoring our truest self. And each time we do not feed our souls longing or that still small voice, we are betraying our souls. And the more we do that, the more we numb ourselves to what that voice even sounds like. Hmm. When I was reading You are a Badass Every Day today by Jen Sincero, the page I was on explained how when we are in the ‘flow’ of life, things just happen without any forcing on our part. She said, “Surrender attracts. Desperation repels.” How TRUE IS THAT?! I look at my own life and every time I’ve liked a guy and he doesn’t like me back, the more I try and get him to like me, the more he thinks I’m the biggest weirdo on the planet. On the contrary, the second I enter a relationship with someone, suddenly the entire world wants to date me.

I’m at a point in my life where I’m realizing that my entire career path is one huge, ongoing walk of faith. I’m an actor. And today, all my bills are paid. Thank the Lord. But I have to keep believing in and relying on my God to help me continue to pay my bills. I rely on my God for peace when I’m in the midst of chaos, for joy when things aren’t going my way, for guidance when I have no clue which way to go. LIFE IS SCARY! But… it’s also a ton of fun. And every time I stop worrying and start enjoying the present, things just… HAPPEN. When I just let go and let God… I seem to be showered with miracles. When I am in a state of worry or fear (which is not from God), I have to take a second and remember… He has always provided. I imagine what my surrounding might look like in the spiritual realm. And sometimes I dream that I have an entire army of Angels completely surrounding me at every second of the day. And when I feel alone, I’m never actually alone. Even in the darkest of nights, the angels are there to make sure that I always get UP. That after I’m done wallowing and being dramatic, that I GET. UP. And go to sleep.

I’m here to say today that we humans are on the planet to ENJOY life. Each choice we make is exactly that: a decision that we have chosen. And each choice will affect and impact our lives. Choose joy. When we don’t know if we should go with option A or option B, let’s choose the path that excites us. The one that makes us feel ALIVE. (PS. That’s usually the option that makes the least amount of sense; it’s the option that others probably won’t understand at first.) Take a risk. Do something that scares you. Choose the exciting route. Don’t forget to pamper yourself. Light a candle. Put something sexy on. Have a glass of wine. Or watch your favorite show. Call your best friend or a loved one. Clean your home and make a bomb dinner for yourself or others. Fellowship. Shave your legs. Paint your toes. Go for a walk. Compliment others.

Left: Housso Semon, Salisha Thomas, Gabrielle Elisabeth

Basically do things that make YOU feel good! Love this crazy life that we are living. And every day, whenever you get the opportunity, CHOOSE JOY! When you are in the flow, that’s when miracles occur. “When nothing is certain, anything is possible.” –A million people said this.

Let’s just go with that. Life is waiting for you to enjoy it. GO FORTH AND THRIVE.



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