Black Hair in the BigLeagues

In October 2020, I launched a new podcast called Black Hair in the Big Leagues. I have sat down with some badass black women (and men!) on Broadway who are KILLING IT. We are talking about Hair, what's fueling us, social justice, and so much more! I'm asking all the questions about all the things. When it comes to hair, I decided to go natural in 2018 and I am surprised by how much there is to learn about my own hair. I have no problem revealing what I don't know and feel like that's one of the best ways to keep learning. I'm interviewing my peers and those I look up to for their take on  the matter.  Whether you're a Broadway fan, BIPOC, or even a curious white ally, this podcast will be a fun one to catch. It's available to download any place you listen to podcasts.






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