My First Vacation

Friday, July 22, 2016              Puerto Vallarta


It’s my first real vacation in my entire life. Well, technically the first vacation I ever took off from work for was to compete at Miss World America and THAT was not vacation. It was a BLAST!  But getting into hair and makeup at 530AM every morning isn’t vacation.


I’m sick at the moment…which I was kind of expecting to happen on my first trip to Mexico. I mean, it happened in Sex and the City, so I was prepared. Luckily, I’m not nearly as bad as Charlotte. But you know what? These last four days have been an oasis of relaxation, hardly any makeup, my most carefree outfits, and just pure enjoyment. It’s exactly what I’ve been needing—and I didn’t even know it.

            The day before I flew out here, I received my crown and sash which was Top 5 most exciting and fulfilling experiences of my entire life. Seeing the crown and touching it for the first time took my breath away. It’s heavy. It’s massive. It feels like I just walked into Tiffany’s and then walked out with a bag of goodies. Like, is this real? This is mine? I’m allowed to touch it? Are you sure? Let me wash my hands first. Okay…I’m walking out the door now…And I still have it in my possession…Are you sure that’s okay? Okay…I’m getting in the car now. Okay, bye!!!

And then it was mine forever.

I met my cousin at this fancy restaurant overlooking the water near Santa Monica Pier and it was just so much fun; unwrapping my new prized possession at the table and showing her the surprise inside. The last time I felt that level of joy was the last time I was in love…But this crown and sash, even though it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever owned, was more than just a well-designed piece of jewelry. It was symbolic. This is something I’ve wanted ever since I was a little girl. And ironically, I got involved in the Miss America Organization back in 2010 thinking it was the Miss World America competition (very different systems). Little did I know that I would one day actually find myself in the pageant that I grew up dreaming about, and not only that, but also being a State Titleholder for the program as well.

            Anyway, that’s all a huge sidebar of how my vacation has been going. But guess what…it’s what I’ve been daydreaming about when I’m on the beach. I’ve been thinking about a good place to host the West Coast viewing party of Miss World in December, or what kind of flow the State Pageant would have in about a year, and the next step I need to take for Dream It Do It (which is my platform AKA my Beauty with a Purpose). I am just so excited about this year, and I don’t want it to go to waste.

And yes, I’m still on tour. And yes, I’m flying to Denver on Monday to join my coworkers in the show. And it’s time. I actually miss those guys. But these last four days…man. It’s exactly the change of pace I needed. I NEEDED it. The morning workouts. The massage on Day one. Having an entire resort be inclusive for the first time in my life…It’s unreal. Going on an excursion in Mexico and literally not knowing what’s around the corner. Reading my new book. Hanging out with my best friend. I just feel happy.


Speaking of my best friend, she’s waiting for me to load the Bachelorette. Because we have some catching up to do!


California, I’m coming for you tomorrow baby! Hasta Luego!